public insurance adjuster

Public Insurance Adjuster

Allowing your insurance company to determine how much money your claim is worth, may not be in your best interest. When we worked for the insurance carriers, executives and adjusters bonuses were tied to how little gets paid out in claims.

As a private adjusting firm, our ONLY interest is YOUR loss and to make sure that the Insurance Company covers the full claim for the full replacement cost.

We only get paid if you get paid.

The mission of The Public's Adjuster LLC is to support and represent the interests of individuals filing insurance claims, to help them receive a fair and accurate settlement.

The Public’s Adjuster LLC operates independently and represents the interests of the policyholder, working to ensure that the benefits given out accurately reflect the damage sustained. Simply put, in a time of crisis, The Public’s Adjuster LLC is on your side to see to it that you get the maximum settlement that you deserve under your insurance policy.

If you're not expected to represent yourself in a courtroom, why should it be any different in the case of an insurance claim? It doesn't have to be you alone against a giant insurance company; The Public’s Adjuster LLC will stand by you and protect your interests.

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The Public’s Adjuster: License # 243 0226
Todd Moler: License # 238 2426
Casualty: License # 999 459

What Clients Say...

  • Lightning Strikes
    Having experienced a house fire as a child, and witnessed my father's battle with the insurance company back in the sixties for a reasonable settlement, I knew that it pays to hire an independent adjuster to arbitrate these matters. So, it was a pleasure to be Todd Moler's first client when lightning struck (literally!). The insurance company offered to settle for $6,800. Todd got us $26,000. Need I say more? Well done!

    Jerald Cole, CT

  • Water Damage
    Hiring Todd Moler was the best decision I ever made. When my water boiler broke last year, flooding my newly renovated family room, everything was ruined, wood floors, walls, cabinets, and I had mildew behind the walls. Todd and his team inspected everything, handled the claim from A-Z with my insurance. Everything got covered and perfectly renovated. I told him about an old claim one year past, where I had called the insurance directly. I had gotten a check that did not even allow me to fix the wall. He looked through it, reopened the claim and made sure I get the correct settlement to fix everything. I highly recommend Todd Moler, he makes sure your insurance company covers the full claim for the full replacement cost.

    S. Berg, CT

  • Fire in the house!
    This past December 2012, our family experienced our first house fire. No one got hurt but we had a lot of smoke damage. We were referred to Todd Moler by one of our good friends. Todd took care of everything and instantly became like a family member instead of just an adjuster. He made sure we had what we needed and then some. When we lost our house insurance due to the claim he put us in contact with the right people and we were able to get our insurance back. On a Sunday he showed up with two of my Mother's prized lemon trees because he knew they meant so much to her. We are still in the process of rebuilding our home but knowing Todd has our back and is constantly working for us makes it worth the wait. Thank you Todd.

    Family, Hamden, CT