• Water in the wrong place . . .

Flood Claims

Flooding damages range from the extreme, such as collapsing homes or businesses and washing away automobiles, to the seemingly mundane, such as mold damage and property damage due to undiscovered standing water. While the major types of damage are clearly obvious, many home and business owners fail to notice some of the smaller consequences of flooding at the time that a claim is filed. Or even worse, they won’t realize that a claim should be filed at all.

A public adjuster is trained to look beyond the obvious results of flooding and to search for every last claimable detail, from unnoticed mold to ruined upholstery on furniture. Flood insurance is supposed to be there to protect you from financial loss in the wake of an unforeseen and potentially calamitous occurrence; The Public’s Adjuster LLC is there to make certain that you are fully reimbursed to the degree that you deserve.

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