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Public Insurance Adjuster

Allowing your insurance company to determine how much money your claim is worth, may not be in your best interest.

When we worked for the insurance carriers, executives and adjusters bonuses were tied to how little gets paid out in claims.

As a private adjusting firm, our ONLY interest is YOUR loss and to make sure that the Insurance Company covers the full claim for the full replacement cost.

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We Only Get Paid – If You Get Paid!

The Mission of The Public’s Adjuster LLC

Support and represent the interests of individuals filing insurance claims, to help them receive a fair and accurate settlement.

The Public’s Adjuster LLC operates independently and represents the interests of the policyholder, working to ensure that the benefits given out accurately reflect the damage sustained. Simply put, in a time of crisis, The Public’s Adjuster LLC is on your side to see to it that you get the maximum settlement that you deserve under your insurance policy.

If you’re not expected to represent yourself in a courtroom, why should it be any different in the case of an insurance claim? It doesn’t have to be you alone against a giant insurance company; The Public’s Adjuster LLC will stand by you and protect your interests.

Watch an actual deposition of an insurance company adjuster. See why you need a public adjuster.

A quick video clip says it all. In this actual deposition footage, an adjuster can’t explain why he has so much difficulty understanding his job.

The Public's Adjuster Fights For You.

If you are considering filing a property insurance claim, you should also think about hiring a public adjuster, especially if the claim is for a large damage. As a policyholder, you have little to lose: We, at The Public’s Adjuster will visit your property loss free of charge to help you (the policyholder) determine the severity of damage and whether you should file an insurance claim. Even if you are confident in the dollar value of your property loss, it is good practice to get a second opinion. Frequently, we visit a home or business and find that your loss estimate is far below what it should be. We are professionals and it’s unlikely we will leave out costs in our calculations that you might forget or not know about. Submitting an accurate, detailed claim is crucial to getting the right amount of money from your insurance company to cover the full property loss. Remember, even the best homeowners insurance companies will never voluntarily pay more than an amount claimed. You, as the policyholder need to be conscious you are claiming the correct amount and hiring The Public’s Adjuster will help you ensure that.


Todd at The Public's Adjuster handled our case with care, professionalism and tact. The result? My pay out was three times what the insurance company wanted to offer. Thank you for your expertise! We are better than before!!
What a great idea!! I didn’t know you could even hire your own adjuster until they represented the business where I work. We had a really unfortunate loss that managed to get the carrier to change their mind and cover our loss. Even our agent said they should extend coverage but they wouldn’t till we hired The Public’s Adjuster. Great team!!
Over the years our multiple experiences with Todd Moler, "The Public's Adjuster" and his experienced staff have always resulted in a reasonable & successful outcome. By partnering with such an astute group we have had ethical representation and a professional advisory board guiding us.

In Times Of Disaster You Need Someone On Your Side The brochure contains very important information for homeowners to be prepared when disaster strikes.